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The Giddy Gal

Hailing from the beautiful bougainvillea city that is famous for its limestone caves, but more so for its (ahem!) gorgeous women, Joyce is one of Ipoh's most valuable exports to the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia.


The Giddy Guy

Peter was born in the coolest (as in temperature) quaint and serene town in Malaysia: Taiping.  He is an ardent football fan and hopes to emulate Zidane one fine day.


The Forging of the Giddies (a.k.a. How We Met) - by Peter

I can still vividly remember the day I met Joyce during our time in UKM (National University of Malaysia).  She was just the sweetest and cutest girl around!  In came this strikingly gorgeous lady, walking angelically into the cafeteria.  She took her lunch and settled down comfortably with her group of friends.  There was an empty seat just beside her.  I was thinking to myself, “Hmmm, now is my chance.”  Rather not to seem so direct, I was pretending to look for a seat in the distance, and suddenly found this seat right in front of me.  I politely asked Joyce whether the seat is taken, and if she did not mind I sat beside her.  Heheheh.  She said it was ok, and she would not bite!  That was more than what I bargained for, as I was expecting only a one or two syllable reply.  The rest they say was history.

We began a four-year journey together in university discovering our fondness for each other’s company, our many similarities spiritually and mentally, and sharing an emotional bond which eventually led to love.  She was my best friend and still is.  Things were pretty intense at times along the way; we had our fair shares of ups and downs.  The joys and laughter we had in a field trip to Cameron Highlands, the Bon Jovi concert, the many classes we shared together and especially during the times we spent together on the old faithful C70 bike.  There were also the frown and tears we brought upon each other, often over something trivial, sometimes culminating into heated arguments.  Those were testing times for our relationship, and it taught me to celebrate our differences and the richness in the relationship.  I would never forget those eventful years in UKM…



The Giddy Journey

This is what people call the "pak-thoh" period la...




Where Giddy Becomes Giddier (a.k.a. The Engagement) - by Joyce

All my life, I had dreamt of the perfect-est proposal; one that would sweep me off my feet and leave me wondering if I was in a dream.  I would picture the moment time and again in my mind, playing every detail to perfection.  Well, little did I know that when I met Peter, he would be my knight in errr........denim jeans - my confidant, my soul mate and a unique individual that would complete my life.

It was my birthday and Peter surprised me with some really gorgeous flowers: two big bouquets of my favorite deep red roses and lilies. We went out for a lavish dinner at my favorite restaurant, with the works: mouth-watering food, wine, dessert, great music, and excellent company, of course!

After dinner, he got down on one knee, whipped out the most beautiful ring ever and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him....
I felt like a princess in a magical fairy tale and that beautiful moment was absolutely romantic beyond words...
..... I was left breathless (....of course I said YES after I caught my breath :)).  It will definitely be a day I will cherish for the rest of my life.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13